Does your little one love to dance, dress up, make new friends or have fun? Then our kids dance classes is for them!  

We believe all children are natural movers and love music and dancing. Not only do we explore the basic fundamentals of dance, movement and rhythm with fun and engaging activities, songs and games, we also provide your little one with confidence, imagination, fitness and friendships. All of our classes are delivered in a fun, age-appropriate manner and in a nurturing and positive environment. Plus, there are no uniforms, exams or competitions!

Baby Ballerinas (2-3 year olds) - The perfect introduction to the world of dance for your little one! Combining dance, musicality, free movement and play, our baby ballerina classes provide the foundations of ballet technique in a fun, interactive and encouraging class environment. Mondays & Wednesdays at 9:30am (45 mins)


Twinkle Toed Tots (4-5 year olds) - These classes are perfect for keen, aspiring young dancers who are ready to progress. We combine ballet techniques with jazz choreography, musical theatre and play. Perfect for pre school kids. Thursdays at 4:00pm (45 mins)


Street Styles (5-9, 10-13, 14+ year olds) - These classes are a fun and interactive way for your child to explore their interest in jazz, hip hop and street dance. Using all the current pop hits that kids love, we work on basic jazz technique, progressions and choreography. An exciting and fun form of exercise for young teens. Tuesdays at 4:15pm, 5pm or 6pm (45 - 60 mins)


Dance Class Term Dates:

Term 1    06 February - 31 March  (8 weeks)

Term 2    18 April - 30 June  (11 weeks)

Term 3    17 July - 22 September (10 weeks)

Term 4    09 October - 22 December (11 weeks)

Please note that we do not run classes on public holidays, we do however run classes as normal on long weekends - on the days which are not the actual public holidays.

Public Holidays:

Term 1

Labour Day - Monday 13th March

Term 2

ANZAC Day - Tuesday 25th April

Queen's Birthday - Monday 12th June

Term 3


Term 4

Melbourne Cup Day - Tuesday 7th November


Our fees per class are calculated as follows and are charged per term (an entire school term or from when you start until the end of that term). We do not offer casual classes, partial terms or reduced fees for doing less that a full school term - with the exception of starting mid-term.

45 Minute class - $15.00 per class

60 Minute class - $18.00 per class


3 class Trial Pack:


All our classes start with a single free trial class (see below). However, we understand that sometimes it can be tricky to judge how your child will go after only visiting for one class, especially when they're so little. This is why for our Baby Ballerinas (2-3 year olds) and Twinkle Toed Tots (4-5 year olds) classes, we also offer a 3-class trial pack for $45 (must be used in 3 consecutive weeks).




Our Registration Fee is $20 per year, charged at the start of each calendar year upon enrolment (or upon initial registration if during the year) and covers Insurance. 


All first classes are a no obligation FREE Trial Class. If then your child loved the class, as we are sure they will, you will receive an enrolment form to be filled out either on the day or bought back the following week. Once we receive the completed form, we will then invoice you for the remainder of the term.

Ready to book your child into a FREE trial class? Fantastic! Simply click on "FREE Trial Class Registration" below and fill out the registration form.


We do not require students to wear a specific uniform to class. We encourage our students to wear whatever makes them happy, so long it is safe, comfortable and does not hinder their movement in any way.


For your Baby Ballerinas and Twinkle Toed Tots , we supply fairy skirts, however if your child really wants to, they can come in their favourite dress-up or dancewear. Boys can wear a t-shirt and shorts if they wish. For their little feet we recommend ballet slippers (which can be purchased at all good dancewear shops) to facilitate the correct movement of the foot without being too slippery. However, soft canvas shoes or barefeet are all equally acceptable if preferred by your little one.


Please note: No socks or stockings as they are too slippery and can be dangerous.

With the Street Styles classes, our students can wear anything that is casual and comfortable. Good shoes  that support dance movement such as cross trainers, dance trainers, or even running shoes with a worn-out tread is advisable to prevent any injury.

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