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3 Group Reformer (1:5) Classes per week

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2 Group Reformer (1:5) Classes per week

1 Group Reformer (1:5) Class per week

$35 / week




$75 / week

$60 / week

$30 / class

$35 / class



"I have known Arnel for the last 7 years. The core strength and flexibility that I have achieved under his guidance and training is something that I treasure and am very grateful for. I enjoy the challenge and definitely seen the benefits of the workout. I'm much toner and stronger. Thanks Arnel!"


"I started training with Arnel last year. I cannot comprehend how much more flexible I am and how strong my core is. Arnel is a very knowledgeable trainer as he understands stiffness and muscle soreness. I love going every week as it is good for my health and fitness. Thank you Arnel!"


"I have been training at Integrated Body Arts since the start of Year 12. Arnel has helped me develop strength and flexibility coupled with a toned body. His disciplined approach to training has helped me maintain my fitness."


"I love doing Pilates with Arnel. I started coming because I had a sore back. I not only enjoy his classes but I found that I quickly became addicted as the results far outweighed my effort. I now have a strong core, a comfortable back and a smile on my face. If you know anyone who has challenges with their back, tell them to contact Arnel."


"Barre is life! Just kidding... it nearly kills you during those 60 mins but it's so worth it! The teaching by Camille is so great and positive so you never feel uncomfortable. 10/10... totally worth the 2 days of pain that comes after."


"Loving my barre class every week! The perfect mix of strength, flexibility and tunes; and the relaxation at the end - the perfect 'hump day' antidote. Camille is the BEST and never fails to bring a new, fun, dynamic class each week. Love every minute!"



"I have been doing classical Pilates twice a week for 18 months with Arnel at Integrated Body Arts. My right shoulder had very limited movement and I was seeking treatment from an Osteopath and having acupuncture to relieve the pain and get some movement. Both instructed me to "do something". I chose Pilates and was given Arnel's number. I did the assessment and knew it was going to be tough, but also knew it would be good for me. When I started I felt uncoordinated and weak. 18 months down the track I can't imagine life without Pilates. I feel completely different, not only is my shoulder fully functional but I am strong and flexible. With Arnel's instruction and perseverance I have progressed through beginner and intermediate levels and now do advanced exercises on the reformer, mat, tower and other apparatus. I am so grateful to Arnel for encouraging and pushing me to do better for myself."


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